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Furnished Vacation Homes in beautiful Ponce Inlet, Florida

The Perfect Getaway
Welcome to the Bleu Tortuga website.  We have furnished rental properties in beautiful Ponce Inlet, Florida.  Just 10 miles south of Daytona Beach.  Daytona Beach has been a favorite vacation destination for over one hundred years.  Ponce Inlet is a quiet spot at the southern tip of the barrier island that is home to Daytona.  The Inlet is named for famed explorer Ponce de Leon who's descendant are buried there.  The inlet allows boaters to pass from the Atlantic Ocean to the protection of the Inter Coastal waterway and is marked by the tallest lighthouse in Florida.  The white sand beach has some of the best surf to be found on the eastern coast.  It's hard to beat the relaxation of open air waterfront dinning whetehr it be on the beach, or on the Halifax river watching Manatees and Dolphins.  If you want to do more than just relax, go to our attractions page and view the many things you can do within an hour's drive.  Ponce de Leon spent his life searching for the Fountain of Youth, and thought he had found it  in what is now St Augustine.  We think he was looking about 60 miles too far to the north.  The picture to the right is an aerial view of Ponce Inlet.  To the right is the Atlantic Ocean.  The beach that extends to the top of the photo is one of the best beaches in North America.  It goes for eleven miles up to Daytona Beach, and beyond.  The water you see at the bottom of the photo is the inlet.  Mariners have used this inlet for hundreds of years to seek shelter from the sea.  We always get the question  "can I take my dog on the beach"?  Basically the answer is "no" except for that small sandy beach you see just to the top of the Inlet.  That is in Light House Point Park and you can take your dog on that strip of beach, but the dog must be on a leash.  For all of us who love our dogs this is a bummer, but probably a good idea.  The body of water you see going up the left side of the picture is the Halifax River-part of the Inter Coastal waterway.  All up and down the beach there are walk on accesses as well as a drive on access so that you can park your car on the beach. True on-beach driving is allowed about 5 miles north.  Even the folks who have houses facing the beach are not allowed to just walk out of their house and onto the beach - they have to use approved access points because of the fragile ecology of the dunes.


Best Place to Watch the Sunset 
On the left is sunset on the beach taken from the deck of The North Turn restaurant.  You can't really see the sun dip below the horizon because the beach is on the east coast of the island.  If you turn and take a short walk to the west you can watch the sun go down over the Halifax river.  Great places to do this while enjoying your favorite beverage are the decks at Down the Hatch, Inlet Harbor Restaurant, or Boondocks Restaurant.  Maybe best of all is the condo balcony at Harbor Village.  For more pictures of Ponce Inlet go to;

PonceInlet                                                                                                                        This historic seaside area is a favorite for travelers seeking a beautiful, relaxing destination. We think the lighthouse bar and restaurant may be the closest you will get to a south sea island experience without actually getting on a plane and flying half way around the world.  Our furnished rentals allow you to get away with very little planning.  Everything you need is already there.
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